Artist Statement

Gale MyersThe first photograph I took was of the snowy street in front of my house when I was young. The snow had emphasized the edges of the bricks with a powdery white. I thought it was beautiful. I asked my father if I could use his camera because I wanted to have a record of that moment before it was gone.

I have grown to realize that I see beauty and importance in places most people think to be normal or insignificant. With my large scale photographs of common scenes and objects, I like to point out that beauty can be found in unexpected places. Color, design, scale, balance, humor, surprise and simplicity; through formal education and random discovery, I have learned to consider these factors and decide how to portray them. As I share these things I have learned, my intent is to make a similar impact on the viewer through my photographs.

A successful photograph will point out objects and scenes in everyday life that are surprisingly significant. Through this realization, I hope to help the viewer question and study their own values. After looking at my photographs, I like to think that you, the viewer, will become more insightful and appreciate how rich your life is.

Gale Myers